ULTIMATE Fraction Bundle

The ULTIMATE Fraction Bundle

What's Included in this Package?

- 50 Fun Fraction Activities ($9 Value)

- 26 Proven Fraction Games (these are my best sellers) ($17 Value)

- 28 Fraction Posters/Anchor Charts ($17 Value)

- Fraction Maze/Worksheets BUNDLE ($9)

Finding fun and exciting ways to teach fractions can be a challenge for
teachers and parents alike. Practicing relentless drills and math
worksheets is boring and does not add to learning. Using fraction games
and activities, like the ones in the Ultimate Fraction Bundle, can make
learning about fractions relevant and enjoyable for children. This can
lead to better retention and success in the classroom.

FOUR great products are included in this math bundle:

Focus on Fractions bundle (50 Fraction games) ($9 Value)

This bundle encourages 3rd-8th grade age students to use focused games
to build their knowledge of fractions. Using hands-on activities and
products is a way to make math concepts more concrete and relevant to
students. These games are perfect for small group, RTI, and one on one
work time!

File Folder Fraction Games (26 Proven Fraction Games these are my best sellers) ($17 Value)

These printable file folder games are convenient and easy to put
together. A quick trip to the laminator will provide you with a set of
fun, lasting games that are sure to engage your students. This is a
great test prep activity to use as an alternative to lecturing and

28 Fraction Posters/Anchor Charts ($17 Value)

These prepared fraction posters and anchor charts are the perfect way to
add reference materials while decorating your classroom! If students
have these posters/charts available, they are likely to become more
self-reliant with the goal being, not to even need them anymore.

Fraction Maze Bundle ($9)

Any kid will tell you, math is more fun when they get to "play". Using
these maze activities as a tool for learning can boost fraction skills
as well as show students that math can be fun. Changing their attitude
about learning is half the battle, and these fraction mazes are a
teacher's secret weapon!

By bundling these amazing math products, you can save yourself time and
money- precious things! These activities are created with teacher's ease
of use in mind with very little prep. Capture your students' attention
and help them be successful by making fractions fun and playful using
this amazing bundle.


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