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Save Your Time & Support Buying This Pack!

I thought you said it was free? It is but hear me out first. now has more than 100+ math games & activities that are FREE (that includes everything in my store PLUS all special free email opt-in gifts). And I know it would be very very hard to download them all. It'd be more than 100+ clicks and more than 100+ viewed pages.

I know, It's not about downloading all my math products but I know there are many people who want to download them all and create their own repository of games/activities to have on hand ready to use in their lesson plans.

For this occasion I created this pack. Really BIG pack with all (100+) published FREE products!

So, if you'll be in hurry, this folder full of math games & activities will be a gift from heaven. All 100+ math products will be always ready, even if you won't be online.

Why should I pay for it?

Great question. You know that every product in this bundle is free. But behind is a real human — me.

I could adapt this Disney's quote to me:

I don’t make math games to make money, I make money to make more math games.

It's a little bit about supporting, but! It's more about saving your precious time. Did you try to count how much time do you need to download all my products ? This is real time saver.

PS: The Free Bundle is also included in my BUY MY STORE BUNDLE. See more here »

What's included?

  • More than 100+ math products ( and are stored on Dropbox and you don't even need a Dropbox account)
  • FREE updates of all future free products.

I'm making this product pay what you want.

That means, if you like what you see you can treat me to a coffee or a box of caramels (and I'd be eternally grateful).. It's totally up to you. Every contribution supports my creative work.

How it works is rather than charging a set price, all I'd ask is that you pay what you can – what you think it’s worth and what you can afford.

The average that teachers pay is $4.73 (so far) for this bundle. (The higher the average goes the bigger the bundle will get!)


Because it's not possible to update the pack daily, some latest math products are not included — but I'm trying to update the pack at least once a month.


You'll get 1 PDF

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  • $ was $4.73
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