Kindergarten File Folder Math Games

Teaching Mathematics to kindergartens can be a challenging task. It is important to keep the children focused. During this stage, children are starting to learn symbols and abstract objects. This process greatly varies from child to child and may take a lot of time. With the help of proper teaching techniques and approaches, kids can learn Math in the easiest but most enjoyable way.

This book contains a vast range of file folder games that can stimulate your kindergartens’ minds and spark their curiosity. To better understand the symbols and abstract math objects, the games from this book uses tangible objects such as playing cards, dice and counters. There are plenty of colorful worksheets and game boards that can be used to facilitate learning while having fun in groups. Aside from the usual pen and paper games, there are also activities that involve running and interaction with other students.

A wide range of kindergarten math topics is tackled in this book. It starts with the most basic mathematical skills: counting. Counting games are focused on counting by ones and tens, counting forward, comparing and representing numbers. There are also games discussing basic geometry concepts such as identifying relative positions of objects (such as top, middle, bottom) and naming two and three-dimensional shapes.

Another important skill practiced in this book is classifying objects. Children will learn to classify objects based on the given categories. Lastly, the concept of addition and subtraction are introduced in this book. With the aid of vibrant pictures and playing cards, students will learn to form addition and subtraction sentences, add and subtract two numbers and analyze and answer simple word problems.

The pre-school stage is an important time to build the child’s mathematics foundation. This book serves as the perfect opportunity for the child to practice mathematical skills and grasp basic math concepts.

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