I See Sum-thing - 2nd Grade Math Game [CCSS 2.OA.B.2]

The objective of the game is to fluently add numbers within 20 using mental strategies.

The game uses a standard deck of cards to determine the addends and a
six-sided die to generate a target sum. The face card must be removed
from the deck . Aces stand for 1.

Prior to the start of the game, the cards must be shuffled thoroughly.
Then, the cards are laid out face up on the flat surface (8 by 5 grid).
The players must position themselves around the card grid in order to
properly see all cards.

The players decide their turn sequence via a die roll. The player with
the highest roll goes first, the second highest roll goes next and so

The game starts when the teacher (or arbiter) rolls the die twice. The
result from the two rolls are added. The sum is the “target” sum of the

The first player scans the grid. The player musts select two adjacent
cards (horizontal or vertical) in which the sum is equal to the “target”
sum. Once he sees these two cards, he must say “I see a ”. Then, he
gets the two cards and keeps them. The player’s turn ends after this.

If a player fails to see two adjacent cards with the “target” sum, he shouts “Pass!”. The turn is passed to the next player.

Once cards are taken from the grid, the teacher must fill the gap by adjusting the position of the cards to the left.

If all players shouted pass for the given “target” sum, the teacher must roll the die again to obtain another “target” sum.

The game ends when any of the conditions are met:

- There are no cards left on the grid.

- If all players passed two consecutive times. This means that two
“target” sums have been generated and for each “target”, the players are
unable to find adjacent cards in the grid.

The player who has taken the most number of cards wins the game.


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