Fraction Operation Race (adding, subtracting, multiplying & dividing game)

The objective of the game is to determine the sum, difference, product
and quotient of two fractions and to also recognize that the result can
be simplified.

On a turn, each player will draw 2 cards and roll a die where the
numbers are replaced with the four fundamental operations with two wild
sides – wild side can be any operation.

The player needs to then solve the problem (a time limit of less than 2
minutes may need to be used), if answered correctly (must also be in
simplified form), The player will pick up his counter and move one
square forward. The other players will determine if the question was
answered correctly, and your turn end.

The first player to reach the last square on the board wins.


Write the answer in each square, at the end of the game add up all 9 answer. Whoever has the highest number wins!


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