Fraction Line Up: Ordering Fractions Game

Fraction Line Up: Ordering Fractions Game

- 1 set of dominoes fraction cards per game,
- 1 game sheet per player

Concepts: Ordering Fractions, Problem Solving
Players: 1 vs 1 (or teams of 2 vs 2)

Set Up and Play: All of the dominoes are placed face down in a pile. Players take turns choosing a fraction and placing it on their game board. Players are trying to have their board end up with all 5 fractions lined up from Least to Greatest.

Once a fraction is placed on a player's game board, it cannot be moved. Players are NOT allowed to place equivalent (equal) fractions next to each other. If a player chooses a domino that won't work on the board, it goes into the reject pile.

The player who gets the dominoes lined up from least to greatest first (on equal turns with the other player) wins the round. If a player runs out of rejects before they have their fractions lined "busts" and is not eligible to win.

It is possible to have one player win to end the game, both players tie at the end of the game, both players bust to end the game.

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