Focus On Measurement {Game BUNDLE}

Focus On Measurement {Game Bundle}

Included in this bundle are 28 Measurement Games that can be played to help encourage the mastery of Measurement !!

What's Included:
1. Pythagorean Rules: Pythagorean Theorem Math Game
2. Estimate 'N Measure: Measurement Game
3. Around & In: Perimeter and Area of Rectangles
4. Add-a-Length: Linear Measurement Game
5. The Eiffel Tower
6. Meter Measurement Game
7. Shaded a Region: Square-Inch-By-Square-Inch (Centimeter-By-Square-Centimeter)
8. What Measure Should I Use?
9. Measurement Chain
10. Cubes Investigation, Cubic Growth {Measurement Game}
11. How Cold is it? {Measurement Activity}
12. Make a Thermometer {Measurement Activity}
13. Using the Metric System {Measurement Activity}
14. Measurement and Science, Plant Growth {Measurement Activity}
15. Measuring Up to Abe Lincoln {Measurement Activity)
16. Discovering Volume {Measurement Activity}
17. Estimate to the Nearest Inch
18. Measurement Scavenger Hunt
19. Find the Longest Piece {Measurement Activity}
20. Directions for a Drawing Game {Measurement Activity}
21. Measurement Olympics {Measurement Activity}
22. Measuring a Friend {Measurement Activity}
23. Measuring Speed {Measurement Activity}
24. Measuring the Edible Part of an Apple
25. Math Matching {Measurement Activity}
26. Treasure by Weight {Measurement Activity}
27. Surface Area of a Sphere {Measurement Activity}
28. Greatest Measurement

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