​Focus on Integer Bundle

What's Included:
1. Rules for Multiplying Positives and Negatives {Integer Activity}
2. Rice Chex and Chocolate Chex {Integer Activity}
3. Positive and Negative Charges {Integer Activity}
4. Multiplying Integers {Integer Activity}
5. Integer Song or Story or {Integer Activity}
6. I Have Who Has with Integers Game {3 Sets of Cards}
7. Hop Across the Pond {Integer Activity}
8. Getting to Zero {Integer Activity}
9. Forgiving Your Debt {Integer Activity}
10. Comparing Stacks—A Great Model for Addition & Subtraction {Integer Activity}
11. Checks or Bills {Integer Activity}
12. Charged Particles {Integer Activity}
13. Let's Take a Ride on a Hot Air Balloon {Integer Activity}
14. Real-Life Examples of Integers {Integer Activity}
15. Giant Number Line {Integer Activity}
16. What's this Sentence Worth? {Integer Activity}
17. Is it a Positive Day or is it a Negative Day? {Integer Activity}
18. Fact Partners {Integer Game}
19. Positive and Negative Cards {Integer Game}
20. Switch: Compare and Order Integers Game
21. Integer Challenge - Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide Integer Game
22. Integer Addition - Integer Games for Middle School
23. Which Integer Has the Greatest Value? {Activity Activity}
24. Where am I {Integer Activity}
25. What Integer Am I {Integer Activity}
26. Spinning For Zero {Integer Activity}

Note: this is NOT the ULTIMATE bundle BUT they are include in the ULTIMATE bundle.

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