Focus On Division

Doing division should be fun because if you can inspire a child's mind to enjoy division, they will do much better at it, and that will lead to future success. In total, Focus on Division has 19 division games, 28 division activities, a huge collection of fun divisibility mazes (worksheets) & 17 Multiply & Divide Poster/Anchor Charts with Cards for Students that will make division more enjoyable.

Focus on Division has a rich selection of interesting and fun math games to choose from. It makes for a great center unit when learning the basics of division and multiplication, and the kids will have a blast, which means that they will be more receptive to the teaching.

A lot of teachers have commented on how their students loved to try
to escape the divisibility mazes. If you can inspire that love for doing
division, then you will have a more attentive student that gives
learning division their best effort. Learning the rules of divisibility
are essential, but unfortunately, it is not always the most enjoyable
activity. Making it into a game of mazes creates a certain level of fun
so that students have something that they can look forward to doing.

As you progress through the mazes, it will build in difficulty, which plays to a variety of different learning styles.

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