7 Professions Which Use Math Everyday

7 Professions Which Use Math Everyday

Perhaps the following scenario rings a bell: you have just spent the past 25 minutes going over with your class the finer points of the distributive property, and you ask the class if there are any questions. A student raises her hand, stares you down and asks, “Am I ever going to need this in my life or anything?”

This may not have happened to you personally, but it has happened to countless other teachers (and parents during homework). Students are so focused on the end result of their education that they fail to see how vital each part of it truly is. And with math, which is a structure which builds on itself, they really can be impatient while waiting for the “payoff” of “where is this road going to lead me?”

One way to answer their concern is to assure them that math, indeed, will help them later in life. How? Because math is used in many of the careers they aspire to and are planning to pursue. Hopefully, this notion will pique their interest, but even if they are skeptical, you can go on to provide them with the following examples of professions which rely on math as one of their day-to-day tools to get their jobs done:

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