[6.RP.A.1] Ratio Mania Game

In this free math game ratios go round and round :)

This is a fun 6th grade math game but can be also adapted to other grade levels.

This game is also found in my 6th Grade File Folder Math Games Book!!!

1. The objective of the game is to write a ratio to describe objects in a picture.
2. Two (2) players or more can play the game.
3. The ace stands for 1 and the Jack, Queen and King are wild cards - which means they can be any number a player needs (except the number “0”).
4. Each number of a die rolled has a specific task to be done.
1 = Ratio of red pips (symbol) to black.
2 = Ratio of red pips to total pips.
3 = Ratio of black pips to red.
4 = Ratio of black pips to total pips.
5 = Wild – means it can be task for roll 1, 2, 3, and 4
6 = Wild

Game Play:
1. The players roll a die to determine who takes the first turn.
2. On a turn, the player rolls a die and draws 4 cards. If a player draws all black pips cards, he must draw another one (1) card to replace a random card from his hand (must have at least one red card). The card that is replaced will be discarded. The player
does the same in case the player draws all red cards.
3. The player writes the ratio to describe the objects.

If the player draws 6 and 4 of spade, 8 of diamond, and 3 of heart then rolls a 3, the player writes the ratio of black to red pips.

4. An opponent identifies if the answer is correct.
5. The first player to land on the finish square wins.
6. See GAME BOARD MOVEMENT RULES on next page to see how to win.

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