5th Grade File Folder Math Games

44 Math Games Covering 5th Grade Common Core Standards

Make math fun & super easy for 5th grade students!

Our innovative teaching method is especially designed to make learning
mathematics fun and enjoyable, especially for students who are
struggling in the subject. Teachers and parents can take advantage of
our large collection of printable math games, which encourage learning
in a less stressful environment.

CCSS 5th Grade File Folder Math Games

[5.G.A.1]Letter on Point

[5.G.A.1]Sink or Swim


[5.G.A.2]Guiding the Point

[5.MD.A.1]Measurement Wheel

[5.NBT.A.1]Place the Value


[5.NBT.A.3a]Place Value Race

[5.NBT.A.3a]The Motormouth and the Penman

[5.NBT.A.3b]3-Decimal Jumble

[5.NBT.A.3b]Decimal Factory

[5.NBT.A.3b]Decimal Order

[5.NBT.A.4]Kick Out

[5.NBT.A.4]Round and Climb

[5.NBT.B.7]10-20 Challenge

[5.NBT.B.7]Decimal Product Wheel

[5.NBT.B.7]Decimal Trails – Addition

[5.NBT.B.7]Difference Tally

[5.NBT.B.7]Finding the Digits – Addition

[5.NBT.B.7]Finding the Digits – Subtraction

[5.NBT.B.7]Know My Worth

[5.NBT.B.7]Making Me Whole

[5.NBT.B.7]Sum Tally

[5.NBT.B.7]Two Decimals Product Wheel

[5.NBT.B.7]Two-Colored Decimal - Add and Subtract

[5.NBT.B.7]Two-Colored Decimal - Multiply and Divide

[5.NF.A.1] 1-2 Challenge

[5.NF.A.1] Filling the Missing - Add and Subtract

[5.NF.A.1] Frac-Add Race

[5.NF.A.1] Fraction Addition War

[5.NF.A.1] Fraction Dominoes

[5.NF.A.1] Fraction Scrabble

[5.NF.A.1] Hitting the Target

[5.NF.A.1]Operation Frac-Race


[5.NF.A.1]Level Up Fraction Scrabble


[5.NF.B.4] Fraction Multiplication Bingo

[5.NF.B.4] Fraction Product Wheel

[5.NF.B.4] In and Out Fraction Multiplication

[5.NF.B.4] The Larger Fraction

[5.NF.B.4]Filling the Missing – Multiply and Divide


[5.NF.B.7] Fraction Quotient Wheel

[5.OA.A.1]Magic 18

[5.OA.A.1]Cart Off

[5.OA.A.2]Expression Challenge

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