5th Grade + 6th Grade File Folder Math Games

6th Grade File Folder Math Games

42 Math Games Covering 5th Grade Common Core Standards

"So many activities to choose from, I love it. The students enjoyed the inequality crack. I had them roll the dice, spin the spinner and pick two cards then write and solve the inequality. We didn't use the board game and they still had fun using white boards." - Rose H.

5th Grade File Folder Math Games

44 Math Games Covering 5th Grade Common Core Standards

"Love it! What a great way to practice skills. My kids love them too!" - Julie K.

"Just what I was looking for. A fun game pairing students who will plot points using a deck of cards. Thank you!" - Barb Young

"A fun way to learn ordered pairs." - Karen B.

"Great for extra practice! Thank you for sharing." - Mary W.

"There simply are no words to explain how much I appreciate all of the work that went into these. Excellent content, fun for students, and easy for me. Win, win, win!" - Buyer

"Can't wait to put these together and use next year." - Lisa R.

"Awesome resource! This worked great with my students! Thank you." - Janet G.

"I've spent the last few weeks preparing these in file folders. It would be really cool if you could include a sample of each game completed in a folder so that we could see how you assemble then in a folder. Some of them are multiple board games which makes it a little hard to put in the folder, but I am figuring it out! Thanks again!" - Tiny Teacher Inc

"I love using these for math centers as extra practice! Thanks!" - AppleJacks

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