4th Grade File Folder Math Games

40 Fun 4th Grade Math Games!!

Kids love learning and practicing with games. This 4th grade book can be used at multiple levels and will fit in right along with what you are teaching. Each game has an example of how to play the game making it way for students to pick up and play. Many teachers love using these during their “Fun Friday” math class.

  • Great for your early finishers
  • Great resource for quick and easily implemented centers making skill review fun.
  • Tons of games
  • Makes it so you can easily differentiate within your class
  • Great for interventions
  • Great for review and to help reinforce the skills they are learning
  • Print and Go!

The interactive, CCSS aligned Table of Contents makes this book easy to find what you need.

This comprehensive resource/book has a large variety of games to use, which only require a minimal amount of materials if any. Kids love math games and games make it so much more fun to learn.


Simone M. said:

Excited to use this with my students. Great resource as it has a large variety of games to do which only require a minimal amount of materials if any. Thanks!

Amy C. said:

This a comprehensive resource for students to practice math skills in a fun way. Easy to find what you need, print/laminate (if you need to ) and use. Great product!

Kari B. said:

So much to use. Easy to set up. Match standards. Great resource for centers, early finishers or just to work on skills.

Candace Kenney said:

I am super excited to incorporate these file folder games into my early-finisher corner in my classroom and/or to use them as reviews for my students who struggle with the basic knowledge that they need to be successful.

Joyce Fox said:

Just looking at the pages, I am really impressed! These are games that can be set up very quickly. I'm excited to have my students use this resource!

Jessica W. said:

Love having a resource to add to my math centers. Students want a variety of games to play and this resource really helped my classroom.

Brenda T. said:

I love this, I can't wait to use it with my students in the upcoming year. this will make a great addition to my math workshop, so my students have more choices to practice their skills.

Lisa M. said:

Excellent resource! Lots of great games/activities for the students to practice. The games are neat and the directions are easy to follow.

- 4th Grade MATH CCSS "I Can" Statements {Editable PowerPoint Included}
- Multiply & Divide Posters/Anchor Charts with Cards for Students ($24 Value)
- Place Value Bingo Base 10 Blocks {Math Game} ($5 Value)

Please note that this is a printable download!

CCSS: [4.G.A.2], [4.MD.A.1], [4.NBT.A.2], [4.NBT.A.3], [4.NBT.B.4], [4.NBT.B.5], [4.NF.A.2], [4.NF.B.3a], [4.NF.B.3b], [4.NF.B.4a], [4.NF.C.5], [4.NF.C.7], [4.OA.A.1], [4.OA.A.2], [4.OA.A.3], [4.OA.B.4], [4.OA.C.5]

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