Math File Folder Games

Upper Elementary & Middle School Math Games
Math Teachers, Look No Further!

42 printable math games for upper elementary and middles school students, easy-to-setup for any math class

What is a Math File Folder Game?

A Math File Folder Game fits in a folder making it easy to use and ready at a moment's notice. Very few other items are required. You'll need to construct or reproduce the included game boards and have playing cards and dice handy. A few games use other types of geometric manipulatives that are standard items in most elementary and middle school classrooms.

This value-packed book contains 42 math games that will give your students so much fun they'll forget they're actually learning mathematics! But don't be fooled. Just because games are exciting doesn't mean that they're not built upon solid educational benefits.

Students will learn basic skills, problem solving, and critical thinking across a wide variety of mathematical topics: measurement, arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.

Math File Folder Games also offer teachers another benefit. They align to the US Common Core Standards and Common Core Mathematical Practices.

By using Math File Folder Games at home or in your classroom with your

upper elementary, middle school, or high school kids, you can provide

them with hours of fun-filled learning time. And the best part is you'll

get into the spirit and enjoy yourself, too!


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full refund.

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