3rd & 4th Grade + 5th Grade File Folder Math Games

3rd & 4th Grade File Folder Math Games

55 Math Games Covering ONLY Multiplication & Division Games!!

"Love these Math Folder Games. Students will love playing the games while they are learning and practicing Multiplication and Division!" - Geoffrey N.

"Already started using some of these activities and my kids love them! Thanks!" - Kristen C.

"Great source!! Can't wait to make these!" - Stacie Champion

5th Grade File Folder Math Games

44 Math Games Covering 5th Grade Common Core Standards

"Love it! What a great way to practice skills. My kids love them too!" - Julie K.

"Just what I was looking for. A fun game pairing students who will plot points using a deck of cards. Thank you!" - Barb Young

"A fun way to learn ordered pairs." - Karen B.

"Great for extra practice! Thank you for sharing." - Mary W.

"There simply are no words to explain how much I appreciate all of the work that went into these. Excellent content, fun for students, and easy for me. Win, win, win!" - Buyer

"Can't wait to put these together and use next year." - Lisa R.

"Awesome resource! This worked great with my students! Thank you." - Janet G.

"I've spent the last few weeks preparing these in file folders. It would be really cool if you could include a sample of each game completed in a folder so that we could see how you assemble then in a folder. Some of them are multiple board games which makes it a little hard to put in the folder, but I am figuring it out! Thanks again!" - Tiny Teacher Inc

"I love using these for math centers as extra practice! Thanks!" - AppleJacks

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