1st & 2nd Grade File Folder Math Games [Book 1 & Book 2]

1st & 2nd Grade File Folder Math Games [Book 1 & Book 2]

Book 2 covers ONLY Addition & Subtraction Games Where as Book 1 has an assortment of different math games covering different standards.

1st & 2nd Grade File Folder Math Games book provides a "no worries" way to complement classroom teaching. It's quick and easy to incorporate in the classroom. Makes learning fun for students, teachers, and parents alike. The activities are aligned with the current "Common Core Math Standards". It is another tool you can add to your teaching arsenal that lends itself to an improved in-depth learning experience for everyone!

The goal of every teacher is to create autonomous learners. In order to achieve that goal, students need to develop self-confidence in their ability to learn any subject matter. What better way than doing the activities contained in the "1st & 2nd Grade File Folder Math Games". The more they play these games, the more they learn. The more they learn, the better they get at applying the knowledge they have gained. The better they get at utilizing their math skills the more confident they become as they achieve mastery of mathematics.

You can empower and inspire students to achieve greater learning, by simply incorporating "1st & 2nd Grade File Folder Math Games" into your teaching environment.

- Addition and Subtraction Posters/Anchor Charts with Cards for Students (Value $11)
- Addition from 1 to 99 Mazes (Fun Addition Worksheets) (Value $6)
- Subtraction Mazes - Fun Worksheet Bundle (Value $5)
- I Have, Who Has Place Value Cards {Place Value Game} (Value $4)

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