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Are you a math teacher looking for a way to get your students engaged and excited about learning math?

My Elementary and Middle School Math Games are a fun and challenging context in which students interact cooperatively or competitively to achieve a defined goal within a specified set of circumstances while learning or practising math skills.

Math games are a great tool to involve parents, guardians, siblings and other important people in the child's life. It is a great way to facilitate the home and school connection..

My Math Mission

I'm on a mission to make math "more" fun by encouraging teachers to use math games and

math apps in their classroom.

My Math Games are aimed for elementary and middle school level students, and they focus on key concepts of mathematics such as Order of operations, fractions, ordered fractions, and ordered pairs.

It has been scientifically proven that students learn best when they are having fun. Math Games provide that fun through interactive games and activities, which students can complete individually or in small or large groups. The students are engaged and learning, and their progress is easily monitored.

Where does the name to this site come from?

“File folder games" are simply a quick and easy way to start and end an activity relatively fast making transitions simple. My math games (especially my apps) are quick and easy to setup and play! This is why my site is called “".